Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Project 365/222 Football Camp!

Monday was the start of football camp! JD's first year, we were all surprised when he said he wanted to play, he is so thin, I think he will be crushed. The first practice was hard on all of them, I showed up 15 before practice finished and they were running sprints the full length of the field, over and over again and the boys were looking tired. I took this photo just before JD's group took off, I did not notice it at the time but today when I was looking through the photos I seen the difference between my son and the others, look at his stance, the other two boys are in a football stance and he looks like he is getting ready for a cross country race. Oh well that is what practice is for, he will get it soon. After he climbed in the van he said "I'm seriously considering not coming back." After the exercises he said he had dry heaves. Poor thing we warned him that he should have been conditioning himself week ago, but what do I know I've never play football!

Football camp!

I felt bad for my nephew, R3, he along with a few others, did not have their physicals yet and they had to sit on the sidelines and just watch for the whole 3 hours! I thought for sure they would let them help the coaches or do something useful like fetch water but he said he sat and talked with his buddies the whole time. "It is boring" was his words. I would agree.
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