Friday, August 7, 2009

Project 365/218 Constructive Problem Solving

Thursday CJ and Syd were playing in the living room when I heard CJ yelling "no, git, mine" I looked in to see CJ transferring her blocks from the ice cream pail to the pink basket (something she had been doing on and off all morning). Syd was curious as to what was going on and wanted to get her hands on a few of the blocks in the pink basket and CJ wanted her to stop. In the picture I caught her pointing to one of the many toys basket we have and telling Syd to play in that one. Syd, not wanting to get the other basket, stayed put so CJ went and pulled the teal basket in front of Syd and put in a few of her blocks. I was thinking how very thoughtful this was; even though CJ was upset she still tried to solve the problem without my prompting. It was unsuccessful though I'm afraid. Syd had her mind set on playing in the pink basket and I had to step in to distract her before CJ could bonk her in the head with a block to make her point. All in all I was quite shocked and proud of how CJ handled the situation, there was a lot of yelling but she did try to solve her problem in a very constructive way.

Constructive Problem Solving

AT&T update: I have recieved 6-8 calls on both the "home" phone and my phone! Now that is progress! I got a call in the afternoon from a lady in AT&T tech support and she told me that they were repairing 2 towers in my area (2 towers and did they know of this problem prior to our calling for 2 weeks!!). They were fixing them as we spoke and should have them fully repaired by the close of business today and I should see an increase of service soon. I told her that I was already receiving calls and that I was very pleased. I asked her if we were the only ones to have been having problems and she said that with the tower issues fixed the whole area would be getting better service, so AT&T wireless customer in Gladwin County rejoice, they have fixed 2 towers that prior to Tuesday of this week they may or may not have know were in need to repair. My question is shouldn't this be a proactive thing to do, make sure all your towers are providing the best possible service so your customers don't have to call and complain for 2 weeks before this is noticed! Remember our phones started have problems the beginning of June and just kept getting worse. Those towers were in need of repair for months ago! Thank you AT&T for finally finding our problem and fixing it.

My phone at my house ringing again after months of problems!
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