Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Project 365/206 What a day

Saturday was a very full day of us. Bright and early Hubby ran his first 10k up in Grayling. Only his second race ever and he jumped up to a 10k! His time was 49:26 and he finished 3 in his age bracket! Very well done! I failed to get a picture of that event to share due to the fact that I was fast asleep and about an hour away :) Next up: JD and I had a 3 hour football meeting to attend. I never thought the boy would ever want to play football and I'm scared to death that he will get broken out there, he only weighs 87 lb! But what can I do but sit and watch. After the meeting I stopped and grabbed my nephew and took the boys to spend the night with their Aunt and Uncle. The boys had plans of a 30 mile or more bike ride on Sunday.
What a day

While JD and I were listening to the coach and standing in line for pads and what not, Hubby and the girls went to a birthday party, they had a blast and were all tuckered out when they came home. Party hat still intact CJ and Syd fell asleep soon after they left the party. We then made plans for Sunday and went to bed early! What a day!

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