Friday, July 24, 2009

project 365/204 Taking it to the extreme

Thursday night I had not took the POD by the time everybody had gone to bed and I was not going to take pictures of me again so soon! So I tip toed into MJ room to snap this photo. She has her Ipod in her ears! She no doubt was listening to her book, right now she is hooked on the Harry Potter and the Twilight series and listens to them over and over (she is unlike her mother; I won't listen to the same book more than once, there is just too many out there to enjoy.) We have asked her repeatedly to not do this before she falls asleep even if she has it on sleep mode and it will turn off in 30 minutes, I'm more worried about her getting tangled in the darn thing! Maybe another talking to is in order!

Taking it to the extreme
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