Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Project 365/201 What does a stick cost?

Monday JD and MJ got in a bit of trouble (consequences are not clear at this time, Hubby and I are still conferring on how best to make a memorable point.) JD basically sold MJ a stick for $5 and she went a long with it. First off we have forbade them from making deals with each other that involve trading of goods, service and/or money due to past problems and manipulations. JD wanted to buy songs and had no money to do this so he had MJ pay him $5 for the stick and they proceeded to hatch a plan so I would not discover how he came into money (I was completely aware of JD lack of funds) They came happily skipping out to me stating that JD opened his lock box and found $7 in it. JD says "can you believe it mom, I had $7 saved and didn't even know it, I'm so surprised" MJ nodding the whole time. I thought it sounded fishy and questioned them on it but neither cracked so I let it go. He went on to quickly purchase $7 in music. He fell asleep early about 8:45 pm or so (Sleeping at odd hours for him has become common place since camp, I wonder if there is not an underlying illness to blame- Mono come to mind but he was tested for that on Friday.) Anyway, I took that opportunity to ask MJ again how JD came to have $7. She fess up very quickly and surprisingly he had $2 in the lock box and did not know it she just added the $5 for him to "discover". So here's the big issue THEY BOTH LIED TO ME REPEATEDLY. He even went as far as to continue to lie even after I told him this morning that I knew the truth! uugh!
What does a stick cost?
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