Monday, July 20, 2009

Project 365/200 Little Diva

Sunday CJ was have her "terrible twos" moments all day. I was surprised when I got a look at little Miss CJ with her purse on her arm, her shades on and of course don't forget her attitude. She was in pure diva mode! In her purse she carried, in pure diva style, her ever important pacifier, an old business card from my house cleaning days and her "cell phone", a empty gum container (see bottom photo). She was way too cute even with the attitude.

Little Diva

In the hopes of getting the girls to nap we took a ride (it worked on the diva but not on Syd). I looked back to see CJ chatting on her phone before she took her nap.

I spent most of free time this weekend playing with my new phone, a Samsung Eternity I really like it so far but it has a learning curve to it. My other one stopped ringing, it had a short or something in the speaker.
I finally figured out how to get some
ringtones, I'm all to happy to not use the jazzy type standard ringtones that came with the phone. Now if it works well with outlook and I can get rid of the PDA that would be great, just waiting on the cord I bought off Ebay to arrive so we find out.

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