Monday, July 20, 2009

project 365/198 Too cute to sleep

Friday was a loooong day! We had no where to go and not much to do but grocery shop and take JD to the Dr. (He has strep throat and his weekend bike trip with his uncle has been canceled, he was bummed.) After two weeks of getting up early and being away from home half the day I thought sleeping in and lazing around the house would be a pleasant thing for all of us, was I wrong! Maybe we slept in too late because nobody wanted to take a nap in the afternoon and everybody got on everyone else's nerves until I thought I might have to run away. I called Hubby at work about 4:15 and asked when he might be coming home! I rarely do that, beg for relief, but I had had it! He even brought diner home, what a nice guy! And after the looong day CJ was not tired even at bed time and insisted on sticking close to me all evening.

Too cute to sleep
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