Monday, July 13, 2009

Project 365/190 Behind the lens

It is Thursday night, late (almost Friday). Everybody was in bed asleep, we are heading to Indiana to pick up JD from camp. I was in bed, my head swirling with the to do list for tomorrow when I realized the I had not taken the POD yet! I did check everybody out and sure enough they all were sleeping but I took their pictures anyway but I had no stories to tell from those pictures and then I got thinking of what they would see if anyone of them woke up to find me taking their picture in the dark. That got me thinking it had been awhile since I was the POD and I promised myself that I would take at least one picture of me a month when the year started. I did not want to get the tripod out and I certainly did not want to get out of my PJs so I decided to try the mirror, it worked perfectly. The POD is me-no make-up and in the t-shirt that I choose to sleep in, more that a little excited about tomorrow but tired and knowing that I will forget something for the long ride. A typical evening for me :)

behind the lens
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