Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Project 365/189 All girl

I need to thank Aunt Heather for this. She asked me why I didn't put bows and barrettes in CJ's hair (I'm sure it was after the many times I complained about CJ being mistaken for a boy even when she is wearing pink!) My answer has always been, her hair is so soft and silky and nothing would stay in it (I had experience from MJ, she had the same type of hair and was about 3 before she had enough hair to stay in ponytails, they only had the fabric pony tail bands back then and they never held very well)  So last Friday at our 4th if July get-together Aunt Heather used a small rubber band in the top of CJ hair just to see if A. it would stay in and B. to see if CJ would let it stay in.  Well it worked, it stayed in and she left it in.  Those little rubber bands that you can get by the 100 pack and in tons of colors for about $1 were never around when MJ was little so I never thought of using them on CJ.  We have a large container of them laying around here, MJ uses them all the time and CJ dumps them out at least once a week, what a mess they make so hard to pick up.  
So now everyday since Friday I have  given CJ a little hair sprout, she looks so cute. She does not always leave them in more than a few hours though. Today I got brave and put pigtails in her hair, it is late afternoon and she has left them in.  I doubt she will be mistaken for a boy anymore!  Thank you Aunt Heather!

All girl
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