Monday, July 6, 2009

project 365/186 Saying Goodbye Again

Sunday we spent more time with JD. We got to watch him get promoted before we took him to lunch. We are very proud of him. After lunch we took him shopping before we dropped him back at camp. We could not stay the whole time he was allowed to be off camp, too long of a drive for us, but we all enjoyed the time we did spend together. He talked with his grandmother and told her he was doing fine and was looking forward to coming home to take a shower with out shoes on, there are bugs and spiders in the camp shower and if you not 1st or 2nd to take a shower you get luke warm water only. I guess is it the little things that you miss most when you are away from home. It was hard to leave him again but it is only for a few more days, we pick him up on Friday!

Saying goodbye again

On a side note: I have never been more happy to be going the opposite direction as the masses. This was US-23, the 4 cars in the lane closes to us were in a fender bender and what was thick moderate speed traffic turned to a crawling bottle-neck as everyone was trying to get around them. I was oh so glad to be heading north on this Sunday afternoon.

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