Wednesday, July 1, 2009

project 365/182 Never thought I would

I broke down and bought a pair of rubber clogs, I really never thought I would.  About 3 years ago Hubby's brother was visiting from Colorado and was wearing Crocs.  It was the first time  I had seen them, he raved about how comfortable they were so I thought I try a pair, so off the the mall I went and found them at the Hallmark store.  I tried them on and oh my goodness they made my feet look HUGH, it might have been the color of them; red was the only pair in my size.  I felt like I was wearing clown shoes.  I was not going to spend $39 on rubber shoes that made feel like a clown!  As the years have passed all of my kids have had rubber shoes in many colors, they look very cute on them and the older ones tell me they are comfy so I thought I would give them a spin again.  They are not Crocs but just 10.00 Target shoes and I had the choice of hot pink or black,  I'm fairly practical and "safe" (read that boring) when it comes to shoes so I went with black (goes with more that hot pink would and I was trying to stay away from feeling like a clown again).  I have had them on for a few hours now and I would have to agree they are comfy.  Maybe I'll get brave and look for a pair of Crocs to see if they are more comfy then the knock off ones.  Probably not red though:)
 Never thought I would
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