Monday, July 6, 2009

Project 365/183 Born to run

Thursday the little girls and I accompanied Hubby to the track for his workout. This night he was running sprints, twice around the track, running in under 3 minutes and then twice around walking. Every since Biggest Loser he has found the love of running. He wishes he would have started when he was much younger, but late is better than never in my book.
Born to run

Just an FYI: this is the 1/2 way point in the year, can you believe that 2009 is 1/2 over already? What is on your "to do list" to get done this year. This year I was going to eat better and so far I did great in the 1st quarter but the 2nd quarter has been not so good. I need to get back to it.
Here's to hoping the next 183 days are as good as the first 183.

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