Monday, June 22, 2009

Project 365/172 Happy Father's day

Sunday we dropped JD off at camp. He was a little nervous but hid it well. Hubby and I were more nervous and had a hard time leaving. He will have a great time and is signed up for scaling telephone poles and using the zip line not to mention the swimming, air rifle shooting, basketball, baseball and soccer that they have planned. I figure when is time to come home he might wish he could stay for the second session as well and then again he might be homesick and ready to get back to normal. It being Father's day and all I had to make the shot of JD and Hubby as the POD even though JD is leaning away from dad, I think he was afraid that dad might give him a big smooch right in front of his cabin mates. I suspect Hubby teased JD about doing just that.
Happy Fathers day to everyone.

Happy Father's Day
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