Monday, June 22, 2009

project 365/168 Saying bye

Wednesday we sold one of last remaining items from my run as a "craft saleslady and manufacturer." For nearly 10 years I made and sold varies crafts and whatnots at shows and and on my website, it really was a family affair, I had my mom sewing pillows and such and my brother made furniture (really great furniture). My dad would have loved it, he was good with wood as well.
I bought the trailer in 2003 and we picked it up on our way back from Disney. I was so very proud of being able to buy this with the money from my business. I gave it all up a year or two before I had the girls. We were just using it to store my leftovers in, I sold or gave away the remaining leftovers in May. It did not go far, just down the road and the decal are off and it will now haul motorcycles.

Saying goodbye
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