Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Project 365/163 1st in line

Day 2 of recital and I caved, the kids wanted to be first in line and they talked me into dropping them off at 2:30 (That is 3 hours 45 min before the doors open!) I figured it went smooth enough yesterday (there were other adults yesterday and I called them every 30 minutes to check in). Today I called every 15 minutes or so (can you say over protective), to check in on them. It was 4:30 before they had company in line. If only they could be this good with each other when they are at home I would have no gray hairs. (I found my first one a few months back and now I see them every time I comb my hair, I will be bald before long if I keep plunking them out!)

1st in line
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