Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Project 365/136 The last time

I will tell you upfront that this is not a very good picture and I'm loathed to use it for POD but my almost teenage son was acting like, well a teenager, and was less that happy to be here.
Every year for the last 5 or so May and June are busy times in our life, school is ending and dance recital is looming. This year will be JD last recital, he is not attending hip hop classes in the fall. Somehow it is not the cool thing to do and this year he has taken to having me not tell any callers that he is in dance class, just that he is out. Anyway Saturday was pictures, normally we have them the week of recital but blissfully the were a few weeks earlier this year. I have always taken a picture if both of them in our front yard in their costumes and I will still get a chance come recital week but I wanted to get a shot of them at the dance studio and JD was just not in the mood and wanted it to just be over so we got 3 shots and all of them have a less than happy face from him.The last time
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