Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project 365/119 Basketball Attack??

Wednesday's photo is of JD. I picked him and his sister up from school and as always he is the last one to the van. When he got in his face was bleeding. Of course I asked him what happened, figuring he got scratched by someone. But NO, he tells me it was from a basketball. I asked if it had thorns, he just gave me the "get a clue mom" face. His colorful description of what happened is just odd, he tells tall tales often so I still thinking he has another story to tell me.
Is this one of those things that 10 years from now he will tell me the truth. I can see it now, "Hey mom do you remember that time in JR High when I told you the basketball scratched me, well it was not exactly the truth............"

Basketball attack??
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