Wednesday, April 29, 2009

project 365/111 Snoozing

Tuesday's photo is of CJ taking a much needed nap but to my dismay much to late in the day. I went in to wake her and just had to grab the camera. So looked so peaceful all cuddled with her stuffed animals. She had been a bear all day, not sure why she didn't sleep at the normal nap time, I put down and she just cried the whole time. I sprang her thinking that she would just wear down and fall asleep shortly but she held out and fussed and whined until 6 pm before I could take no more and put her back in her crib, she was asleep with in minutes. I then got concerned that she would wake at midnight, ready to go so I woke her at 7 pm. She went down for the night at 9ish and slept through the night to wake refreshed and happy like always. You'll see what I mean with tomorrow POD.

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