Thursday, April 16, 2009

Project 365/106 12 hours and counting

Thursday's photo looks very much like Wednesday's :) No, he did not wear these clothes for the last 24 hours, he had to go to work today or else he might have. Hubby has less than 12 hours before he weighs in for the very last time. We are all happy to see this end. His plan is basically to sweat as much as he can between now and 6 am Friday. Sounds simple enough, but how many people would make that plan and stick to it? HIM. He has went at this with the utmost planning and paid very close attention to the details. In my mind there is no one that deserves to win more than him. I am very proud of him and I want to say that I never doubted for once how he would approach this task. He wants you to know that he sweated so much tonight that he had to put the clothes in the dryer before he could wear them to bed. I might just make him sleep on the couch because he smells soooo bad. Now it's time to give him a haircut so he's not weighed down by needless hair. We'll save the extra hair for you George :)

12 hours & counting
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