Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project 365/89 Five is enough

Yesterday's photo is a collage. We have had my brother's dogs since Saturday afternoon but I have not been able to get all five dogs to stay still and pose for a photo, image that. So I gave up and decided to take advantage of the fact that by Monday they were worn completely out and all snoozing all over the house. We have (clockwise) Lilly, Ruby, Bailey, Pepper and in the center Missy. Can you tell we love labs in our family:) Missy is, close to if not older than 14 years and is the queen of the dogs, they all know it and give her much space. Ruby was unaware if this fact as this is her first meeting with her "cousin canines". By Saturday evening Missy set her straight by tearing after her snapping and snarling, like only a small dog can, when Ruby tried to stick her nose under Missy's belly and flipping her like a pancake. Ruby avoided her the rest of the time and only braved to go near her when a human was close by. She did however feel the need to bark at Missy when she was in her crate, a lot.

Five is enough
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