Friday, March 27, 2009

Project 365/85 Oooh the pain

Thursday's photo is of my foot, my foot hurting a lot to be exact. Here is the story, the picture fails to portray the amount of pain this was. I was sitting at my pc, doing genealogy research on this newly found website, Seeking Michigan, (Thank you Brent for pointing me to it). Anyway I was sitting with my legs cross, just like I am right now, I guess I have not learned my lesson. Syd and CJ were napping and Syd started wailing really loud. I did not want her waking CJ so I thought I better get there quickly. When I uncrossed my legs I realized my foot was asleep, I did not realized how asleep it was until I tried to take off. The first step was fine but the second time time I tried to bring my numb foot forward, I guess it didn't make it off the ground very far before I put my weigh on it and ouch. I can't really explain how it landed because I was looking forward and my foot was completly numb and I don't know what it was doing. I caught myself before I fell on my face but wow was my foot hurting. Meanwhile Syd is still wailing, I manage to hobble down the hall to find her pacifier and get her all set. Within 30 minutes the outside of the top on foot was swelling and turning a light purple color. I limped the rest of the day, it did not hurt when I stood on it, but walking was awful painful and when one in the dogs of CJ stepped on it I howled. Right now I can walk on it with not much of pain, rotating my ankle makes it really hurt still, but I will survive.

Oooh the pain
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