Thursday, March 26, 2009

Project 365/83 Syd Time

Tuesday's photo is of something that happens nearly every evening. Syd is a night owl, might have something to do with sleeping in our room for now. She usually takes a early evening nap, our life after school is usually in the van so car seat napping is the result. Now by 9 pm the older kids are having Q time, CJ is asleep, Hubby and I are winding up our household duties and getting ready for evening TiVo and Syd is happily cooing and ready for daddy time. She gets him all to herself for the most part, her favorite right now is the kisses and making her scrunchy face (think Mr. Magoo) By 10 she is getting sleepy again is really cuddly. It is nice to watch them together, daddy is puddle of mush when it comes to his little girls.

Syd time.
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