Tuesday, March 24, 2009

project 365/82 a big ouchy

Monday we had dentist appointments for the older 2 and errands to run. My mom went with us, she is a glutton for punishment, but I do like it when she takes along. After running into Meijer's Syd needed a change and now that she is wear 18 months jeans they are easier to pull up while she is standing. So as I always do at home, I stood her up and began pulling them up and she leaned forward and I just could not stop her and she hit face first on the concrete! Oh may goodness I felt awful to say the least. She was screaming and her bump was swelling, I ran back in Meijer's to get an ice pack only to remember I had one in the first aid kit in the van. She was acting normal, swelling stopped, and no laceration so we went on the dentist's with me muttering the whole way about how I couldn't believe I let it happen. After we got home I started worrying that I should have taken her to get looked at, so I did some research on goose eggs and I found a website that had great examples and what to do. Today it is barely noticeable but I still bad about it. With 4 kids I have seen many bumps and scrapes and I will see more in the future but I can't help but feel just awful when I'm right there and didn't move fast enough to prevent it.

A big ouchy.
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