Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Project 365/80 A favorite spot

Saturday we had a memorial to attend for one of my cousins. The first of my generation on my side, that made it to adulthood, to pass away. It makes you think. I did get to see many relatives that I have not seen in ages and that was nice. There is talk of a reunion in the future, I look forward to that.
After we returned home from the memorial, most of us napped, only JD and I kept our eyes open. Slowly one by one they woke up until I had to poke at Hubby, 3 hours is way too much to sleep for a nap. It was a fairly nice day and I thought a ride was in order and of course a stop at out favorite spot, DQ. Hubby still has a few week on his Biggest Loser so he had nothing at all, poor guy. Ice cream is my weakness! Blizzards for the older kids and a chocolate rock for me and CJ, share might be to strong of a word, she had maybe 5 bites and I had the rest.

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