Friday, March 20, 2009

Project 365/79 What's new?

Today's photo is of me. Can you tell what is new?

What's new?

Well have you guessed? You are probable wrong if you did:) It is sort of a trick question. Here's the story. Late this afternoon I was bent over helping CJ put on her jeans. My new favorite dog, Ruby, came over to check us out. She jumped up and pushed my glasses into my face. I batted her away and finished with CJ. When I stood up my glasses felt funny on my face so I check them out in the mirror to find that the nose piece (metal and all) snapped off! So after making a few phone calls I ran to the Vision center, surprisingly they still carried my frames. She popped out my lens and put them in the new, same as the old ,frames! Good as new, they are even straighter and cleaner than my olds ones:)
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