Thursday, March 12, 2009

Project 365/69 Quiet time

Tuesday's photo is of MJ. She is having her quiet time. We have for many years gave the older children 1 hour of "quiet time" before bed time, they must be ready for bed with their teeth brushed. The only activities allowed during quiet time is reading and maybe listening to music but no screen time of any kind is allowed. It was also a rule that said quiet time must be in your room and in your bed but with MJ and CJ sharing a room this last year we have had to change that up a bit. MJ now usually can be found in the living room sitting in my grandma's glider rocker with her latest good book. Sometimes if CJ has had enough time to fall into deep sleep MJ can sneak in and with her book light, read in her bed, her much preferred spot.

Quiet time.
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