Wednesday, March 4, 2009

project 365/63 At Grammies again

Today's photo is of CJ napping at Grammies. Yes we spent the whole day at her house again scanning photos (I'm a little obsessed and loving the history lessons I'm getting). I left the girls with mom while I ran to pick up the older two from school and when I returned they both were fast asleep. JD and I dug into the roast the had been cooking the crock pot all day; making my mouth water. Well worth the wait.
About the photos: We still have not figured out who Aunt Lula Bedford from Ohio is (who's aunt was she?) I know she was 81 in 1964 but not a clue how she is connected yet. Today we found pictures of an Uncle Nash, who is he? Another relative that I don't have in our tree. This year at the fish fry I will be questioning Uncle Jerry for sure to help get some of these photos labeled.

At Grammies again
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