Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Project 365/54 Tell me this is a phase

Monday's photo is of JD. I have no idea what he is doing and without a coat on (He would point out that he does have hat and gloves on). We live in Michigan and in February it is COLD and yet this child insists that he is just fine without a coat on. He even goes to school like this! I can remember when he first started school and I would see the older kids running around without coats I would think what are those mothers thinking, letting them leave the house like that. Well let first apologize for my stupidity in thinking that a 12 yr old boy would listen to logic when it comes to the cold and coats. I realized very quickly that even if I nagged him enough to leave the house with it on, it would be off as soon as he left my sight. Again I'm sorry to all those faceless mothers that I thought ill of, I now understand what you went through. Tell me this is a phase, please!

Tell me this is a phase.
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