Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Project 365/42 Shower audience

Today's photo is of my shower audience, don't all mothers have these? I had to laugh this morning, while I showered CJ, as usually, just has to watch with the curtain pulled partially back (she does get wet from time to time because of this) and Syd sat in her Bebe pod trying to catch my eye. Today was a little more comically than normal. Why, you ask, add in Ruby. While CJ was up next to the tub watching Ruby was right next to her nuzzling her ear and licking her cheek, which made CJ giggle and squeal which made Ruby wag her tail, which Syd was busy trying to grab every time it came near her. The three of them put on quite a show. I didn't have my camera with me, does that surprised anyone? (Remember what I was doing.) So I had to recreate it a little, but the moment had passed and the best I could get them to do was to sit and look at me, which is what normally happens while I shower. What a fun morning it has been.

Shower audience
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