Saturday, February 7, 2009

Project 365/37 Meet Ruby

Last night we added to our family. The kids were completely unaware of this surprise, can you believe I kept this secret, until Hubby walked through the door with her. We all agree she is the best surprised ever.

Ruby is a chocolate lab, almost 2 years old and is simply beautiful. Pepper and her became fast friends. It was nearly 11 pm before I could get a picture of her sitting still. She is full of energy, just what Pepper needs to stay young.

It took some coaching, but we did get her to climb onto the furniture and she spent her first night sleeping on our bed. She'll need to get used to sharing space with CJ and Syd if they get up during the night, but other than that, we couldn't ask for a better first day.

Thank you TJ for allowing us the opportunity to include Ruby as part of our family.

Meet Ruby.
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