Sunday, February 1, 2009

project 365/30 Wore out

Friday's photo is of Syd. It was nearly midnight when I snapped this photo.

Back story: Thursday night her and CJ were up late and Syd had a rough night. Friday neither of them took a nap until, of course, I needed to run the older two to the rink for open skate and they got a cat nap in. We were all crabby by this point and I was very exhausted.

Notice how red her cheeks are, they were the precursor to what lie ahead for the weekend. Thanks to their short (4 hour) stay at daycare, both Syd and CJ have colds and are both more fussy and crabby.

Wore out

She was only happily snoozing for a mere hour before she needed attention, the poor girl was just not feeling well.
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