Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 365/9 What $237.87 got me

Friday's photo was the result of shopping. My mom and I had an appointment in Midland and we did a little shopping before and after the appointment. We stopped at Walmart, Meijer's, and Staples. For a whopping $237.87 it didn't even fill my table! I purchased 2 boxes diapers, toilet tissue, napkins, paper plates, Kleenex, clearance clothing for the little girls, clearance Christmas items for .25 ea (can't beat that), a book for MJ, spagetti sauce (I love Meijer brand), 2 different types of peanut butter (one healthier that the other), Turbo Tax (it is that thime of year again), Mavis Beacon typing (9.99 w/ tax software purchase), a singing Birthday card for my SIL and other misc stuff. And Hubby just shakes his head.

What $237.87 got me.

Maybe one day I'll look back fondly on this picture and remember how much cheaper things were.
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