Friday, January 30, 2009

project 365/29 Let there be Hope!

Thursday was my (Hubby's) day as my birthday falls on the 29th of the month (although not this month in case anyone wanted to send cards or money :).

My theme for the day was Hope:
  • Hope for Sunday when my Steelers (notice the stocking cap) take on the AZ Cardinals in the SUPER BOWL!!! Go STEELERS!
  • Hope for the country now that we've got the right man in charge. Last election, for the 1st time in my life, I voted for a Democrat for the most important office in the land. Moe and I did some volunteering for his campaign and even contributed a little money by buying a t-shirt or two (yes, I love my sweatshirt). Things will likely get worse before they get better, but, have HOPE, they will get better.
  • Last, but certainly not least, just a general bit of Hope / optimism about the rest of our lives. Moe and I were blessed with two kids early in our marriage and crazy enough to have a couple more later on. As with everything else in life, things just always seem to work out the way they should, if not necessarily the way we initially thought they would. CJ came along at just the right time for us. She came into our lives right before a time of loss, and it was her shiny disposition that helped me to get through each day. When you're lucky enough to come home to a family like we have each day, you can't help but have a lot of Hope.

Let there be HOPE!

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