Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Project 365/12 It is a double picture day

Yesterday's picture turned into two, let me explain.

At 2 pm the UPS man was surprised when he was reaching to ring my door bell, when my two babies were sleeping, I might add, I opened the door very quickly and he jumped near a foot and said very loudly "UPS delivery Mam!", thrust the box at me and high tailed back down my driveway. I couldn't help but to laugh at this.
But the best news is what was in the box! My Project 365 kit came! So I just knew this had to be the picture of the day, until........
"UPS delivery, Mam"

After school, MJ was determined to get a perfect score on Wii's soccer heading advanced and she played and played until she achieved her goal. Just after hubby came home she did it. She scored a perfect 655! It was very cute to watch her play, every game she would chant 655, 655, 655 over and over. So this picture was more important to our life, as she was so determined, so this shot will take the official slot in the album as picture #12. Way to go MJ!

Goal achieved
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