Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weigh in Sunday

Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone and I still lost weight! I'm down 2 more pounds this week, that puts me at 146. Yeah! 14 pounds gone so far! I now only have 11 pounds to lose before December 21st, 3 pounds a week.

I snapped photos of more holiday decor. Little by little I'm finishing it off. The boxes have now been put back in the garage (Thanks Kids) so If I want to add more I'll have to go digging and I don't believe that will happen.

We don't have a mantle to hang our stocking by and I usually hang them on the ledge of the bay window, but with CJ loose they would never stay up and those hangers are heavy (think smashed feet and dented hardwood) So I put them on the curtain board framing the tree. (I hang all my curtains with a 2x4, loop tape and angle brackets - learned that by watching Room by Room on HGTV, save $$ on rods)
This is a shot of my future Bath mirror for the new house but I just thought it looked good hanging in our present living room and the red wreath just pops against the dark frame.

I just could not resist snapping this photo yesterday. Dad and Syd were napping

How Precious.

And today when I returned home from Biggest loser I found them all watching a movie in our room and the little girls just crashed.

He is the Sand Man

I have added a slide show of my layouts to the page. I hope you get a chance to view them. Some are unfinished, missing the journaling mostly, I leave crops and hang them on my wall in my dining room until I finish them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Fridge Arrived, Yeah!!

Merry Christmas to me! I love this fridge. Just thought I would share the first photos of it before we get it into place, this might the last time it completely clean and sterile, with 4 kids the fridge is always the scene of many "accidents" :) Maybe by spring it we will have the house finished and will be able to use it:)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CJ's First Snow

Just a thought I would share with you all CJ's first time playing in the snow. We got around 4 inches of snow last night, it was beautiful.

She really liked it. She didn't however like it when she fell. She just could not get up, Hubby had to rescue her a few times.

We had a hard time getting her to come in. I can't wait to take her sledding. Syd was snoozing while all this snow frolicking was going on, she'll get her turn next winter.

The older two kids were shoveling the walk and drive while I snapped pictures and dad supervised.


After the kids finished shoveling we all piled in the van and slipped & slid to Micky D's for McFlurries (Payment for shoveling).

I, of course, did not have a McFlurry, I shared Yogurt Parfait, no granola with CJ, for a mere 130 calories.

Have a wonderful Day.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday weigh in and more

The kids are off to school, the girls are happily eating breakfast in their highchairs while I bang on the keyboard. I ate my breakfast earlier, 1/2 grapefruit, 1 slice of Koepplinger's Lite Whole Wheat bread spritzed with 0 calorie spray butter and a 8 oz glass of 1/2% milk for 193 calories. Only 857 more to go today:)

Sunday was my Biggest Loser club. I weighed in and lost only 1 lb this week, I didn't drink my water like I was supposed to this week, per the Biggest Loser book, you take your weight divided in half and that is the amount, in ounces, of water you must consume each day. Mine is 148/2=74 ozs.

We purchased a Klean Kanteen for all this water drinking, saving the environment from all those plastic water bottles. I love mine. It has a large opening for filling and regular size ice fits through. I've had mine since September and I use it everyday.

If you have a water drinker on your Christmas list, or someone who should be drinking more water:) this would be a great gift and it comes on many size and now colors. Go check them out.

This was a challenge week for us at Biggest Loser, we partnered up and flipped a tractor tire about 3-4 car lengths and back. The duo with the fastest time won. It was heavy, 150-200 lbs. My partner and I did not win, I believe we were dead last. Better luck next time:) I forgot to take my camera so I have no pictures of this joyous event to share with you all, maybe next challenge.

On the getting healthy front:

We picked up a really nice treadmill, Pro-form 980 Competitor, over the weekend, pre-black Friday deals at M.C. Sports. You can race against competitors, hence the name, I didn't know that they made treadmills that did that! We all will get a lot of use out of it, Hubby is training for a 5k next fall, JD and MJ are both in cross county and in the winter it is hard to run in the cold around here and I can continue to workout at home after Biggest Loser is over in December.

I would like to get a stepper, a Stairmaster 4000 PT, the kind that the gym uses. That will be far off in the future unless I can find a used one.

Holiday Decorating update:

Our tree did get decorated this weekend, but with CJ running around, the bottom third of the tree is bare, it looks very odd but will save me from pulling my hair out. Because of this I decided not to hang my santa ornaments, which I collect.

We just hung the Hallmark Keepsake ornaments that we buy each year for the children. My sister -in-law, Robin, started me on this tradition when JD was a baby. She gave him his first ornament and told me how her family picked an ornament each year that had meaning and reminded them of that child's past years accomplishments or activities. So I have done this every year for each of our children. Now when they grow up and move out they will take their 20 plus ornaments with them, a starter for their tree.

Here is our picks for 2008.

Syd's is "Super Baby", Hubby refers to her as Super Syd.
MJ's is "Sister Angel", She is now is a big sister 2 times over.
CJ's is "Hunger Caterpillar", She like to chew on her board books when she thinks we are not looking
JD's is "X-games" He is very into skate boarding

I did get some other decorations up as well. Here are some shots of the dining room light and the entry light. My overall theme is red, white, and silver with many snowflakes sprinkled in. Snowflakes are my favorite.

I'll leave you with a cute picture of Syd. A perfect Monday photo:)

Have a happy Monday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time to decorate???

I was thinking of getting the Christmas decorations down from the attic this afternoon. Maybe I can coax the older kids to help (maybe with the promise of helping decorate will do it).

I'm not sure how much decorating beside the tree I'll be able to pull off this year, CJ is everywhere and into everything, nothing is safe from her little hands. I didn't even decorate for fall like I usually do. I did however manage to get these leaves put up on the french doors. I thought I would share the photo before I took them down and replaced them with the glitter snowflakes. MJ made these up for me, I surprised her with a kit from the Current catalog, she loves craft projects. When the light shines through them they look like stained glass.

I did get the pictures of the faucets in the pole barn house. I love them so much I'm going to have Hubby install them in this house, I hope the future owners will love them too. This picture is of the main bath off the kitchen (I know, it doesn't sound appealing but there was not a lot of room to play with)
What I didn't get a good picture of yet was the base for this sink, my very talented brother made it for me, he truly can make anything from wood, but this cabinet doesn't do his talents justice. I wanted a very simple, open style with a slated shelf. My thoughts were that it would not visually take up much space. I think it is the perfect cabinet for my small bath.

Have a happy Thursday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Tree Project

I thought I would share this.
I saw this in a catalog a few years back for (gulp) $110.00! I loved it and drooled over it for many months, but I just could not spend that kind of money for it. I then seen it in one of my client's home above her fireplace and I thought I can so make that and for much much less!
The frame came from Michaels for less than $10 (I had a 50% off coupon, got to love those), I also purchased the mat board and card stock from there too.
I printed the names, birth and death dates of our ancestors on the card stock and painstakingly cut them into leaf shapes
. The left side of the tree is Hubby's family and the right side is my family, it goes back 4-5 generation. The tree trunk has our marriage date and our childrens name and birth dates, I wanted that information to appear like it was carved in the trunk, it doesn't, but I still like how it turned out.
I still need to update it with the newest child's information.
This is my all time favorite project. It hangs above our bed
and every night I glance up at it and it makes me smile.

Tree talk

I had a talk with Hubby last night about getting the Christmas tree from the garage. I wanted him to shake it and make sure there were no creatures in it before we brought it in the house. We have had snakes in our garage in years past and I have seen large fuzzy spiders out there so this is not an irrational fear of mine. Anyways, he thought maybe we could do it Wednesday, well I'm just a little impatient to say the least. Why so early? It is really only a week and a half early for us, we always put the tree up Thanksgiving weekend anyways. The main reason is I thought that with a toddler, having the tree up now, without ornaments, for a week or so she might get bored with the new thing in the room and not mess with the baubles. It is my hope at least.
I'm really excited about getting the tree up this year. It is a prelit tree, in three sections. I have wanted one for many years. (Here is a little back story on this subject) When we were first married I bought a tree for $186 and Hubby thought that was outrageous for a fake tree and told it me we had better use it for the next 10 years. Well I used it for 12 years and the last 5 or so were not happily I might add! So I got the new one after Christmas last year with a gift card from my mom
(Thanks again Mom) at 50% off. What a deal! I had to take the display and it didn't come with a box so this it why I'm thinking of creatures and such. I did put as many sections in the Tyvek type bag I bought with it but they would not all fit so one is in a large plastic bag and tied shut. Hubby could not even get the thing up the attic steps which is why it just laying on the garage floor:(
While I sit here and talk about my new tree, my impatience is getting the best of me and I think while the girls are napping today I'll try my best to scare the creature out of it and haul it in the house myself. We'll see how this goes:) I'll let you know.
Have a great Tuesday.

A quick update:
The tree is up, there were no creatures that I could find. The best part, CJ is still napping, I just need to rearrange the living room now that there is a large tree where the toys usually go. I can't wait to see CJ's expression when she get up from her nap.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Catchin' up

I'm very happy--last night I finally found the XM station on our Direct TV that plays Christmas Music!! Channel 822 Holly. It really is the little things that make me giddy. Just an FYI this will be the station that our living room TV will be tuned to most of the day until 2009, even though I'm the only one that really enjoys it. I have heard my favorite Christmas song, Wonderful Christmas by Paul McCartney, only three times today but have yet to here my second favorite, Santa Baby, there is always tomorrow:)

Is it to early to put up the tree???

Weigh loss update:
I've joined a biggest loser group at the local gym. We are in week 7 of 12 week program. Yesterday, Sunday, was weigh in day, I'm now at 149, I've lost 11 lbs so far.
My goal is 135, I searched the internet for "my ideal weight" and at 5'7" and almost 36 (My birthday day is in 35 days in case you were wondering and yes that makes Christmas 34 days from now) the pages google came up with says my ideal weight would be 135, so that is what I want to weigh!

Syd update:
She is now 5 months old, she can roll over as of last week but she really does not enjoy this talent yet, she still is very upset when she finds herself face down. She has 2 lower front teeth and is drooling like crazy so we are expecting the top two someday soon. She has been moved to her crib which has been removed from JD's room and place ever so thoughtfully in our room next to my side of the bed. She does not take well to this new change, she insist on rolling over and fussing about it most of the night and I can't sleep, I keep thinking that she is going to smoother herself. I end up bring her in bed with us just so we both can catch a few winks. My dark eye circles gives it away, this new arrangement still needs to have the bugs worked out of it.

CJ update:
She is 18 1/2 months old. She, I believe, has hit the terrible twos. She can throw a mean temper tantrum. She has been giving us a bad time about sleeping in her crib lately, she has slept with us 2 out of the last 5 nights, yes that make our queen bed a little tight. She can now point out her nose to you. We have a Dr. appointment this Wednesday for her and I need to talk with the Doc about her lack of speech, as the third child I do realize that it will be slow going but she really can only say "bye" and "Hi" although she does understand nearly everything you say to her and she follows commands such as "throw this away", "blow your nose", & "put this in the sink.," and she can shake her head no when she is done eating. So I don't think there is anything to worry about just yet. I'm still going to talk with the Doc anyways.

Pole Barn House update:
Hubby informed me that we have reached the 4 year mark as of Nov. 15th. Slow and steady wins the race:) Anyway we now have toilets and running water in the bathroom and kitchen sinks, (Thank you Tommy). I had forgotten what I picked out for faucets (It was like years ago that I picked these out). I was very pleased with my choice all over again when I seen them installed. The counter tops are installed, just need to screw in the back splashes (Thank you George). Most of the lights are up now, I'm not as thrilled with my choices now, nothing bad but I wonder if I can spray paint them, silver or brushed nickel?? All the closet organizers are installed, can't wait to fill them up. My biggest news and happiness is the water back there does not taste gross, so I get to have the fridge of my dreams. (Remember little things do make me giddy! ) It is a french door style with the freezer below and ice and water in the door. I can order it on Wednesday- That is when salesman Pete comes back to work at Home Depot. I can't wait!

I will post pictures of the updates soon, girls are napping right now and I can't get back there.

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