Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Syd's Check up & other stuff

Yesterday Syd had her 6 month check up. We were a little anxious about this appointment. At her 3 month check up the Dr. noticed that Syd had a flat spot on the right side of her head. She has always favored that side from birth. The Dr. told us we had until her 6 month check up to try and get her head to round out more (the skull starts fusing together at 8 months), or she would need a helmet.

Well the good news is no helmet, But she does need to have physical therapy for torticollis. After doing some googling on the term, I think if she has this, its only very mildly. I don't believe, even after scouring my picture file, Syd's head tilts to one side, she prefers her right side but does turn her head to the left without a problem. We start PT on Thursday, we'll see what they say and go from there.

On a much lighter note,
I have checked my list twice and I have finished my Christmas shopping! Everything is wrapped but not
under the tree anymore! CJ was being so good about the presents. I don't believe she even knew they we there until the older two started poking around under the tree to see who's names were on the packages. I shooed (Spelling??) them away and told them that CJ was watching and they we not setting a good example (Blah Blah Blah, in one ear and out the other, kind of talk). Well I no sooner walked out of the room and I hear RRRRIIIPPPP and then beeping! I raced back in and there she sat, at the base of the tree, very calmly playing with one of her Christmas gifts. I'm not sure what she would have done if she had opened one of the older kids present, very boring stuff to a 19 month old.

So as MJ and I scrambled to get all the presents up and out of her reach we let her play with her toy, after she was distracted, thanks to MJ, I re-wrapped it and placed it with the other out of reach gifts.

Now our tree has all the little gifts stuff in the branches above the 3' height and the bay window is stuffed with the presents that need to leave this house for the extended relatives.

All is well that ends well.

Biggest Loser update ~ Sunday I lost 1 more lb., 16 lb gone & 9 to go. I will not make it to 135 before final weigh in this Sunday but I am happy to report that I can fit into 6 out of 8 pairs of my jeans from 2005 (before the 2nd baby wave hit our house).

Have a great evening, I'm off to the gym.

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