Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Project 365 Pictures 1, 2 & 3

I have started a new project for 2009, I will be taking a photo a day for all of 2009. I will post them here as well as scrapbook them. The post on here will be a short description of the photo and of course the photo. I started this on Monday December 29th. So here are the first three photos in this project.

Project 365/Dec 29th, My Mii's Wii Fitness age 33, Yes that is 3 years younger that my true age. This is our newest obsession. We love our Wii.

I feel young.

Project 365/Dec 30th, This where I spent the night, a pre-planned visit.

Glad it was a short stay.

Project 365/Dec 31th, This is my youngest, Syd, 6 1/2 months, enjoying her walker, notice the blocks her big sis shared with her.

Just getting started.

Well this are my first 3 photos.

Have a safe and happy new year.

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