Saturday, December 13, 2008

December's 1st Post !

Yes, that is right it is December 13th (Happy Birthday Jackie & Happy 1/2 Birthday Syd) and this is my first post of the month.

Let just say wet snow is great for making snowmen but not so good for wireless antennas to get a signal. We had 17" of snow fall in the last 2 weeks, the kids had no school for 2 days & the gym closed down, lets just say it was a long 2 days. Notice the the chair on the deck, the snow is over the seat!

I had some pc problems, I had to "upgrade" to vista, I'm still getting things straightened out. There is a lot that is different and I will have to get used to it all. There is list of items I still need to reload and find again. I guess the worst that happen was I lost all my appointments on my PDA. I'm sure Hubby wants me to let you know that that was user error and not the computers fault, but I will deny it to the end. I have a few pictures I can't locate and a file I can't open but all in all I think things are looking up.

I did finally get all my Christmas cards sent. I put them in the mail Saturday. I'm never this late, but I had to wait until I get my hair cut (Thanks Stacy) before I could sit for a picture and then I had the computer problems. Anyways it got done:)

Sorry if I ruined the surprise for anyone.

I need send a great big thank you to my brother and his family, they took the picture and many others. It is very hard to get all 6 of us to smile and look at the camera at the same time, as you see by all the blooper shots. I just had to add them, they tell the real story.
Now if I could only finish my Christmas shopping. I have a shopping trip planned with mom tomorrow, we will see how much we can accomplish.

I had a weigh in last Sunday and lost 1 lb. It was challenge week and I didn't do half bad, I came in second place and made the paper. Here is part of article.

"Biggest Loser finishes week 10

By Patti Priemer
Arena Fitness Center
Published: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 4:35 PM CST
GLADWIN – Week 10 of Gladwin’s Biggest Loser and what a week it was, as we had great weight loss and a great challenge. Renee Woodruff came out on top in weight loss, losing 7 pounds or 3.6 percent of her body weight. Good job, Renee!

Also in for congratulations are Mary Campbell, Tim Costilla, and Joann Bullard as they all lost four pounds.

This week as challenge was race a throug
h multiple obstacles ranging from a slap shot with a hockey stick, jumping rope, doing sit ups, to shooting a basket and more. The contestants were timed and the winner was Jennifer Nowacki. She had an outrageous time of one minute and forty-nine seconds. Great job, Jennifer! We are very proud of you.

In a close second place was Melinda Greer, with a time of one minute and fifty-eight seconds. Great effort, Melinda!"
from the Gladwin County Record.

I will weigh in again today, (fingers crossed) I hope there is drop but I think I will stay the same. The last 10 lbs are going to hard to get rid of.

And finally my baby is 6 months old today, the time is flying
June 2008

Nov 2008
Have a great day.

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