Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tree talk

I had a talk with Hubby last night about getting the Christmas tree from the garage. I wanted him to shake it and make sure there were no creatures in it before we brought it in the house. We have had snakes in our garage in years past and I have seen large fuzzy spiders out there so this is not an irrational fear of mine. Anyways, he thought maybe we could do it Wednesday, well I'm just a little impatient to say the least. Why so early? It is really only a week and a half early for us, we always put the tree up Thanksgiving weekend anyways. The main reason is I thought that with a toddler, having the tree up now, without ornaments, for a week or so she might get bored with the new thing in the room and not mess with the baubles. It is my hope at least.
I'm really excited about getting the tree up this year. It is a prelit tree, in three sections. I have wanted one for many years. (Here is a little back story on this subject) When we were first married I bought a tree for $186 and Hubby thought that was outrageous for a fake tree and told it me we had better use it for the next 10 years. Well I used it for 12 years and the last 5 or so were not happily I might add! So I got the new one after Christmas last year with a gift card from my mom
(Thanks again Mom) at 50% off. What a deal! I had to take the display and it didn't come with a box so this it why I'm thinking of creatures and such. I did put as many sections in the Tyvek type bag I bought with it but they would not all fit so one is in a large plastic bag and tied shut. Hubby could not even get the thing up the attic steps which is why it just laying on the garage floor:(
While I sit here and talk about my new tree, my impatience is getting the best of me and I think while the girls are napping today I'll try my best to scare the creature out of it and haul it in the house myself. We'll see how this goes:) I'll let you know.
Have a great Tuesday.

A quick update:
The tree is up, there were no creatures that I could find. The best part, CJ is still napping, I just need to rearrange the living room now that there is a large tree where the toys usually go. I can't wait to see CJ's expression when she get up from her nap.

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