Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time to decorate???

I was thinking of getting the Christmas decorations down from the attic this afternoon. Maybe I can coax the older kids to help (maybe with the promise of helping decorate will do it).

I'm not sure how much decorating beside the tree I'll be able to pull off this year, CJ is everywhere and into everything, nothing is safe from her little hands. I didn't even decorate for fall like I usually do. I did however manage to get these leaves put up on the french doors. I thought I would share the photo before I took them down and replaced them with the glitter snowflakes. MJ made these up for me, I surprised her with a kit from the Current catalog, she loves craft projects. When the light shines through them they look like stained glass.

I did get the pictures of the faucets in the pole barn house. I love them so much I'm going to have Hubby install them in this house, I hope the future owners will love them too. This picture is of the main bath off the kitchen (I know, it doesn't sound appealing but there was not a lot of room to play with)
What I didn't get a good picture of yet was the base for this sink, my very talented brother made it for me, he truly can make anything from wood, but this cabinet doesn't do his talents justice. I wanted a very simple, open style with a slated shelf. My thoughts were that it would not visually take up much space. I think it is the perfect cabinet for my small bath.

Have a happy Thursday.

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