Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday weigh in and more

The kids are off to school, the girls are happily eating breakfast in their highchairs while I bang on the keyboard. I ate my breakfast earlier, 1/2 grapefruit, 1 slice of Koepplinger's Lite Whole Wheat bread spritzed with 0 calorie spray butter and a 8 oz glass of 1/2% milk for 193 calories. Only 857 more to go today:)

Sunday was my Biggest Loser club. I weighed in and lost only 1 lb this week, I didn't drink my water like I was supposed to this week, per the Biggest Loser book, you take your weight divided in half and that is the amount, in ounces, of water you must consume each day. Mine is 148/2=74 ozs.

We purchased a Klean Kanteen for all this water drinking, saving the environment from all those plastic water bottles. I love mine. It has a large opening for filling and regular size ice fits through. I've had mine since September and I use it everyday.

If you have a water drinker on your Christmas list, or someone who should be drinking more water:) this would be a great gift and it comes on many size and now colors. Go check them out.

This was a challenge week for us at Biggest Loser, we partnered up and flipped a tractor tire about 3-4 car lengths and back. The duo with the fastest time won. It was heavy, 150-200 lbs. My partner and I did not win, I believe we were dead last. Better luck next time:) I forgot to take my camera so I have no pictures of this joyous event to share with you all, maybe next challenge.

On the getting healthy front:

We picked up a really nice treadmill, Pro-form 980 Competitor, over the weekend, pre-black Friday deals at M.C. Sports. You can race against competitors, hence the name, I didn't know that they made treadmills that did that! We all will get a lot of use out of it, Hubby is training for a 5k next fall, JD and MJ are both in cross county and in the winter it is hard to run in the cold around here and I can continue to workout at home after Biggest Loser is over in December.

I would like to get a stepper, a Stairmaster 4000 PT, the kind that the gym uses. That will be far off in the future unless I can find a used one.

Holiday Decorating update:

Our tree did get decorated this weekend, but with CJ running around, the bottom third of the tree is bare, it looks very odd but will save me from pulling my hair out. Because of this I decided not to hang my santa ornaments, which I collect.

We just hung the Hallmark Keepsake ornaments that we buy each year for the children. My sister -in-law, Robin, started me on this tradition when JD was a baby. She gave him his first ornament and told me how her family picked an ornament each year that had meaning and reminded them of that child's past years accomplishments or activities. So I have done this every year for each of our children. Now when they grow up and move out they will take their 20 plus ornaments with them, a starter for their tree.

Here is our picks for 2008.

Syd's is "Super Baby", Hubby refers to her as Super Syd.
MJ's is "Sister Angel", She is now is a big sister 2 times over.
CJ's is "Hunger Caterpillar", She like to chew on her board books when she thinks we are not looking
JD's is "X-games" He is very into skate boarding

I did get some other decorations up as well. Here are some shots of the dining room light and the entry light. My overall theme is red, white, and silver with many snowflakes sprinkled in. Snowflakes are my favorite.

I'll leave you with a cute picture of Syd. A perfect Monday photo:)

Have a happy Monday.

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