Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CJ's First Snow

Just a thought I would share with you all CJ's first time playing in the snow. We got around 4 inches of snow last night, it was beautiful.

She really liked it. She didn't however like it when she fell. She just could not get up, Hubby had to rescue her a few times.

We had a hard time getting her to come in. I can't wait to take her sledding. Syd was snoozing while all this snow frolicking was going on, she'll get her turn next winter.

The older two kids were shoveling the walk and drive while I snapped pictures and dad supervised.


After the kids finished shoveling we all piled in the van and slipped & slid to Micky D's for McFlurries (Payment for shoveling).

I, of course, did not have a McFlurry, I shared Yogurt Parfait, no granola with CJ, for a mere 130 calories.

Have a wonderful Day.

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